Yes, I’d Like To Request A FREE Security Analysis!

Please contact me so I can receive a FREE Security Analysis. I want to know for sure that my systems are secure, and that there are no known loopholes or ways a hacker could capture my data. I understand that I am not obligated to do or purchase anything by requesting this Security Analysis.

During the security analysis, a specialist will perform the following:

  • Assess where you are in regards to security best practices and what actions can be taken to protect/prevent/detect security issues.
  • Check your current training documents to make sure your employees are fully educated about the correct way to handle HIPAA, email, documents, and general internet usage. Many people don’t realize that your employees are the biggest weakness in securing your company’s data.
  • Review your procedures for data backup and data recovery, making sure that if you are hit with ransomware, your risk of losing your data is reduced.
  • Discuss current ransomware trends and explain in plain English where your vulnerabilities are. We understand that everyone has a different level of risk tolerance. Our goal is to make sure the risks you are taking are understood as well as the tradeoffs.

  • TERMS AND CONDITIONS: This certificate is good for one Security Analysis. This form cannot be sold, traded, or transferred to another party. The bearer is not obligated to purchase any additional services or products upon request of this service.

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