Our Security and Compliance practice thrives on helping identify security and compliance issues, develop remediation roadmaps, and performing the necessary remediation, all the while educating you so that your data is protected. Ask us about our ability to deliver ongoing management, monitoring and education through our Security-as-a-Service and Compliance-as-a-Service for the ultimate in assuring that your security and compliance goals are met now and in the future.

  • Need a HIPAA coach? Check.
  • Looking for a cost effective way to educate your team? Check.

We offer an optimized education solution that compares favorably to in-house security and compliance training.

We focus on risk management as it applies to your specific situation. If compliance is your need, we help you establish the appropriate processes, policies and documentation. Above all we become part of your extended team, correlating events and incidents to offer true security visibility.

Our security and compliance services incorporate both IT technology security (vulnerability, firewalls, open ports, etc) as well as information management security (20 Critical Controls for Cybersecurity, HIPAA compliance etc.).